Endgame scoring summary

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Rukus McUallas
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Endgame scoring summary

Post by Rukus McUallas »

The endgame scoring is a little awkward. I get the information about the last harvest and the flowers, but what does the total farming tell me? Nice to have, but not the most important part. What the scoring lacks is the information about honey players had before final scoring and especially the final score itself. While the different types of trees are nice to have, this is confusing, because it kinda mixes things up.

The total score consists of:

+ staring honey
- tiles bought
+ flipped tiles (potentially)
+ money gained from tile placement
+ all the mini harvests during the game
+ end of round flowers
= "honey before endgame scoring"

+ endgame harvest (doubled)
+ endgame flowers
+ variety bonus
= "total honey"

I wouldn't need all those scoring elements, but the highlighted ones should be there. And maybe add the starting honey for reference.
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Re: Endgame scoring summary

Post by vurtan »

Since your post we added the final scoring sheet.
There you find the detailed informatoin how the final score is calculated.
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Re: Endgame scoring summary

Post by michaelHastriter »

great addition. This is a great implementation of an amazing game! If BGA had a ranking system this would be my #1 uwe game on here and in my top 10 bga games overall!
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