Just got 100 victories in a row in 1 player game

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Just got 100 victories in a row in 1 player game

Post by Romain672 »

HI world,
So the title says it all. And it seem 1 player is harder than 2+ players.
To do it, I didn't counted more than one tile during my first 50 victories. Then I started to tryhard by counting all tiles when I was close to lose 5 times during the last 50 victories. Believe it saved me more than one time.
I applied one strategy in point 5) below.
And I'm very happy with it. Unfortunately, that mean I will start to have less fun playing Bandido except by sharing my knowledge. But most people who plays that game plays it for fun since it's really simpele.

I will now give you tips about how I did it (from most obvious to more complicated):

1) In 2 players games, always keep one torch single exit and one /\ double exit.
That one should be pretty obvious, you got a hand size of 3, and want to have strong moments where you try to win, and weak moments where you try to have a better hand over time and play your annoying tiles.

2) Familiarize yourself with traps: https://en.doc.boardgamearena.com/Tips_bandido (section Traps)
I put lots of time editing the wiki on that one, so I will just send you there. The "3-ways trap" is the most important by far.

3) Do the F pattern: https://boardgamearena.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29798
I'm talking about the 3 exits present together on that screen.
This pattern let you play in obvious ways some annoying four exits tiles on a great place on it, and some others anoying tiles can be placed on a way to create a 3-ways traps with it.
In rare cases, I will not do that pattern if most of the following are true; there is another one of it OR if there isn't much tiles 'torch +' left (but even still creating a trap for bad + tiles will just make you create a single exit after filling them which isn't bad) OR I got some single exits on my hand (but in one player you should usually play them immediately will came back to it later).
Finishing with the F pattern, especially in 1 player is pretty nice because you got lots of liberty to how to close it. You have one of the two of the three single exit? You have a / or \? A +? the right f? the bench? the right bed? the wrong bed? a + with four exits? one of the two faucets? All of those have a nice place on it.
Note that you can add more exits on the side where you got already two exits. It will be worst, but it's manageable. You should however not add a second exit on the side where you got one exit. It's because you will have a chance to lose the game. It can still be good if you are far to win, but note it's the kind of trap you need to close before trying to win the game.

4) In one player game, don't keeep your single exits, use them.
This is because contrary to 2 players games, the only upside of it it that it let you use two exits tiles on it while not changing the state of the game. But having one less hand size on it is a huge cost to pay.

5) My strategy: creating a trap for both branchs and the +- tile: https://boardgamearena.com/gamereview?table=378221383
This game show you how it work when everything goes well.
You want to reserve a place of 2lines and 3 columns above the start. The third column can be either on the left of the starting tile on the right of it. You want then to build tiles around your place.
Above and below it, you want only exits on them.
To the left and to the right of it, you want only one exit out of the two possible: it can be either top or bottom, it doesn't matter.
The first tile between those branchs and this +- tile you draw will be put in the middle. If it's a +-, you need to put the + in the opposite line of the left and right exit of your trap.
And this is the base, when everything goes well. When it didn't:
- you absolutely don't want to close all others exits if you didn't drew any of the 6 tiles which can fill the trap (don't do what happened here: https://boardgamearena.com/gamereview?table=378184209 ). This can be really bad,
- you can in rare cases instead have opposite exits in the left and right part of the trap. That will instead forces you to use twice one of those 3 tiles, once one of those 3 tiles, and none the last of those three tiles. It's not great, but it's possible. I only start to do it very close to the end,
- you can instead of having 5 exits which goes above, having 6 of them, and use some 'three quarters of an H' to transform it into 5,
- if you think you can win very early, abandon either one part of that trap, or completely this trap. I did usually when either no tile were good to play (which usually means I closed most outside of exits) OR when there would be only one exit left or two exits in a /\ pattern after I played my three tiles,

6) Don't be afraid of creating more exits:
Like I said in point 1), you don't want to reduce the amount of exits left, if you don't have a nice place to play an annoying tile (and it's not likely that you will win soon or you will have a place for it later), just play that tile, and build around it.
Another example is when you got on the board a single exit and a U, and got a tile 'three quarter of an H':
- If you got a single exit, create two of them, maybe you will draw or your teamate will have another and you will be abloe to close both of them if neeeded
- if you got an excellent tile for the u (ie an u or an f), create two u, in 2 players, that will show to your teamate that you like that pattern with your actual hand, and you can still came back to a single exit if needed
- if you got a /\ tile, having an u is far better: will come back to it in point 8, but in short you can convert it to single exit easily
- if you got none of those what is your hand? :D Play your annoying tiles first :D (or your two exits tiles on the single exit)

7) Creating traps 2x1 middle game: https://boardgamearena.com/gamereview?table=378227795
On the present game, I got my f pattern, and I created a trap with it.
It give you two advantages:
- first you remove another copy of that tile in the deck. This wasn't much valuable here, but if one of those tile were already played, then it would be far better since it's possible you draw the other copy of it
- second, it can in some cases give you the liberty to close them with an extra exit or with no extra exit. It was the case on this game, but the + tiles being valuable to me, and my hand letting me play my single exit, i decided to not wait.

8) /\ double exit > single exit:
Now I'm convinced it's true. When you got a / or \ on the board, any tile with 3 exits will let you convert that / or \ into a single exit. And it's really likely you will get some of those. On some others cases, your / or \ can be converted into a u, which stay a pretty good pattern.
This is linked to point 4) too, using single exits, but keeping / or \ look far better.
In 2 players games, I will need more testing with great players. But with randoms players, that look different.

9) Value of keeping symmetrical cards:
I was used to keep one single exit and one / or \ double exit in my 2 players games. But in 1 player, I learned to keep per example the T triple exit when I got an u on the board. This is because that T can be played to the left or the right of that u. And so, if you hold that tile waiting to know where you should play it, that can in some cases close two extra exits.

And it's all that come to my mind at the momnet. I will edit that post if something else came to my mind. (And I will edit the tips page soon with all that)
My mp are open if you want to play some 2p games one day, but not now, I played way too much Bandido.
Thanks for reading me :D
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Re: Just got 100 victories in a row in 1 player game

Post by Romain672 »

(reserved if I want a second post one day)
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Re: Just got 100 victories in a row in 1 player game

Post by Wreckage »

Your record inspired me totry this. i got to 92, then lost on 93...ugh. I could have won it. I was down to about 10 cards left, but about 5 of them were simple dead ends. So I had a pretty sure victory, but I accidentally made a semi-trap, and I knew I didn't have any of those cards left. It was a simple blunder.
I have much less strategy than you, Romain, not making traps and such. Just aggressively trying to get openings together.
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