61 Feuilles d'automne / 61 Autumn leaves

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61 Feuilles d'automne / 61 Autumn leaves

Post by cigma »

According to BGG https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/375 ... e/versions there is only a french version of the game "61 Feuilles d'automne", but the title given on BGA is english "61 Autumn leaves". Should this be changed?

In translation headquarter we are requested to use the "original" name of the game, if there doesn't exist a physical version in our language. So does this mean we should consider the french or the english name as "original"?
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Re: 61 Feuilles d'automne / 61 Autumn leaves

Post by SquashEngineer »

I'm sure there must be a precedent for this at BGA by now. Not all those German games have been published as English versions yet have they? Yet might be available digitally?

IMHO: I appreciate the translation to English, regardless of whether it exists physically yet.
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