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Post by Junserntje02 »

Which expansions do you guys play the most, and would you like to see them added to bga?
I would really like to see fractures and/or pioneers on here, but stuff like intrigues might not be ideal.
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Re: Expansions

Post by gwgardner »

Fractures would be great, with the Chronossus and Chronobot.

Thanks to the developers for such a great game on BGA.
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Re: Expansions

Post by Drangor »

Everything !

But fractures is awesome in term of gameplay.
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Re: Expansions

Post by Ryan_JEC »

I'm interested in Doomsday expansion. The storyline of this expansion seems interesting!
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Re: Expansions

Post by Pandemic08 »

Fractures i almost consider a must add anytime i play this in person. Just adds more depth and options for people and also can drag out the 'post impact' era rather than it usually ending in the first round
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Re: Expansions

Post by Imantium »

Intrigues of the Council would be good too
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Re: Expansions

Post by JVent »


A simple one like Variable Anomalies would be fun. Pioneers is great fun for me without being too complicated. And of course Fractures would be amazing…!
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Re: Expansions

Post by Alex_terieur »

Adding the Chronossus will be very nice! 8-)
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Re: Expansions

Post by Astrosmurf »

I always plays with the alternative timeline and I really like The pioneers of new Earth and almost always plays with that.
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Re: Expansions

Post by Cyphen »

The major, must-have expansion is Fractures of Time. There's general consensus among the community that this "completes" Anachrony, adding a tremendous amount of tactical depth and expanding paths to victory. You're welcome to check the BGG forums, but the primacy of this expansion seems to be community consensus. Personally, I agree, and would strongly vote for this.

Otherwise, there are the "micro" expansions (modules) that players generally add to their games after a few plays, and then never remove after they've been incorporated. Among these are the Alternate Timeline Variant, the Variable Anomalies Module, as well as the Interlocking Buildings and the Neutronide Buildings additions. All of these are minor mini-expansions, and all of them make the game just slightly more interesting (and, in my opinion, better). They are easy to learn, and easy recommendations as improvements to the BGA implementation of this game. They are not, however, essential.

What is essential is adding some kind of additional way to spend Breakthroughs in the game. The base game, naked of expansions, does not provide enough outlets for Breakthroughs, and thus leaves the Research main-board action anemic and largely useless. The game's designer has posted on BGG noting that Breakthroughs are meant to be used more in expansions, and that the recommended way to play the game is with one "large" expansion (and some number of "small" expansions). Fractures of Time accomplishes this (as do the other "large" expansions). But Fractures of Time is also pretty involved, and may be difficult to implement. The smallest expansion that still does an excellent job of making Breakthroughs more important (which is pretty vital) is The Quantum Loops Module, which was made available as part of the Future Imperfect expansion pack. This module is simple to understand and has few moving parts, and should be much easier to implement.

So, as a long-time experienced player of Anachrony, my priority-list suggestion for most important expansions to implement in multiplayer Anachrony is:
  • 1) Fractures of Time (or, if that's unrealistic, then The Quantum Loops Module)
    2) Variable Anomalies
    3) Variable Timeline
    4) The Quantum Loops Module (or, if that became #1, then Fractures of Time)
    5) Interlocking Buildings + Neutronide Buildings
    6) Pioneers of New Earth
    7) Intrigues of the Council
    8) Hypersync Future Actions
    9) Guardians of the Council
    10) The Doomsday Module
    11) Sentry Post / Promo Superprojects
(Please note that this list represents my own views, and is not meant to upset anyone. You're welcome to your own views about which expansions are most important, and to your own views about which expansions are best! One core strength of Anachrony is how incredibly flexible and customizable it is!)
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