Help Get This Tutorial Live!

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Help Get This Tutorial Live!

Post by TheBoardBaker »

I created a tutorial for Gift of Tulips and I would love to get your feedback!
Please play through the entire tutorial, rate it well, and send me your feedback. ... orial=1252

Thank you very much!
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Re: Help Get This Tutorial Live!

Post by CraftyFlutterby »

While it is stayed that tutorials work best on pc. Most still function in the mobile app. The slide that explained the bouquet area did not work on mobile. It was below the visible area. When I tried scrolling down, it kept trying to go back up and I could not click the continue button to progress.

The slide a bit before that with several paragraphs of text was also not fully functional on mobile. I could not scroll up to see the top of the box to know that I read all text. The re were a couple of <icon> placeholder texts.

Will retry the tutorial on pc later. Thanks for creating it!
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