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Declare / Reveal IRL

Post by DougFullStop »

When I've played 99 physically I've done the declare/reveal "premium bid" process in turn order starting with the active player (player to the left of the dealer). I noticed today that the bga implementation does it simultaneously. This is a minor change, but I'm interested to know if this was the process as intended by the designer? When doing it sequentially, you have an opportunity to reveal AFTER someone earlier in turn order has said they'd declare. You may decide to push it if you're feeling spicy! When it's done simultaneously, that's not a consideration. I'm also curious how you'd perform it simultaneously when playing irl.
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Re: Declare / Reveal IRL

Post by Shobu »

I thought an unique reveal was allowed?

"Only one player may declare or reveal in each deal. If more than one wish to declare, the leader has priority over the middle player, and either of them has priority over the dealer. Anyone offering to 'reveal' has priority over anyone only offering to 'declare', regardless of position. If two or more wish to reveal, however, then the same positional priority applies."
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