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Small comment

Post by Soditall »

Good implementation, to whoever made this. A friend and I just played the 2-player game in Tutorial mode as we worked it out. There were undo buttons everywhere I needed an undo button, the mouse-over text was efficient and helpful, and the gameplay flowed pleasantly.

Two small comments,
1. Though the flag icons are drawn directly from the game, they're ruddy impossible to make out on a laptop screen or tablet - the kanji makes them all look life a mess of black with a red edge. I relied entirely on the mouse-over text to work out where cards were from. The icons may want to be made bigger or the letter made smaller, if that's not a massive faf.
2. At some point in the game, a flashing red/white square border appeared over the Port for me, but not my friend. I could never work out what it meant, but it didn't seem to affect the game. It never went away, and near the end of the game a second one turned up over the tea fields. Once I read the rules properly I might work out what it was trying to tell me.

Thanks again for a lovely bit of work!
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Re: Small comment

Post by nandblock »

The flashing square cursor is a mystery to me and, I gather, to the developer who has been trying to eliminate it.

Yeah, the flags are a little hard to make out.
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Re: Small comment

Post by Thunkd »

I believe the flashing square is related to the "moving your President" phase of the round. When it is time to move your President, he is highlighted by that flashing square. It looks like this square sometimes persists in a location even after you've moved your President.
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Re: Small comment

Post by toddcarson »

The flashing square cursor puzzles me and the developer tries to get rid of it. wordle today
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