Remove the “standard” option for games?

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Remove the “standard” option for games?

Post by apolloq »

Greetings hive community. I see no good reason to keep the standard option open on hive games. Any games that start with queen either greatly favor the first person to play a queen or end in a draw. Why even give people the choice? If I’m missing something I’d be glad to hear what it is.
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Jest Phulin
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Re: Remove the “standard” option for games?

Post by Jest Phulin »

You're missing the "remove extra complication for people just learning the game" bit.:)
Similar to training wheels on a bicycle, or automatic transmission in a car, people new to the game find it easier to accomplish basic tasks if not overwhelmed with additional options. However, there are no training wheels in the Tour de France nor are there automatic transmissions in Formula 1 racing. Experienced users tend to like more control over their destiny.
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Re: Remove the “standard” option for games?

Post by diamant »

I see no good reason to remove the basic game mode from the official rule. Even if this mode was useless, which I do not believe, deleting it would require unnecessary work.
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Re: Remove the “standard” option for games?

Post by Mach3Racer »

I will have to go with AppoloQ on this one.

It should at least be the pre-set option (this would NOT require any effort except a one time adjustment).

There can be cases made for people willingly luring players into "standard" setting games and then playing the white queen first.
Nicks that come to mind are Marco60 and others. Games can be revisited in archives.

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Re: Remove the “standard” option for games?

Post by RevRun5 »

It should stay the same tournament option can be opted in just like real life.... K.i.s.s.
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Re: Remove the “standard” option for games?

Post by hive2 »

I would agree, there is no reason to have the 'standard' opening as an option. The standard opening is not standard at all and is not used by the hive community because it basically turns the game into tic tac toe (all games end in a draw).

The issue having the opening available (and on by default) causes, is that a player new to the game will understandably use standard opening, which means they will not be matched up with any of the regular players who have it disabled. This means they will probably have to wait longer to find an opponent, and it will probably deter new players from getting involved. I think at the very least tournament needs to be the default option!
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Re: Remove the “standard” option for games?

Post by ringersoll »

By Hive rules ‘Standard’ is the official standard.
Until gen42 changes that,Tournament Opening should be an option.
When I see a newby in a room with standard, I open another room and see if they will join.
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Re: Remove the “standard” option for games?

Post by SleeperService »

"remove extra complication for people just learning the game" . . . and force folks to live with it for the 99% of the time they are not learning the game? Not a good argument.

But I do understand the "standard play" was written by the creator. However, I find many do not understand what is meant by "tournament opening". Maybe better to rephrase as "No Queen on first move". (The only other aspect of tournament play is white goes first which DOES seem to be enforced in standard play.)
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