Competition Mode missing

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Competition Mode missing

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There is no competitive game mode. This is the best game mode in Room 25.
Do you think it will be added?
Thank you !

Image ... lebook.pdf
Competition Mode
=> (2 to 3 players)
=> Reversible board: 10 turns side

“Dear candidates, our guards are on
vacation? What a blessing! You will be
allowed to fight against each other to be
the only one escaping! It’s even better!!”

Each player takes 2 prisoners. There are no guards.
All the players are against each other. The first player to have
all of his characters escape the Complex, or who eliminates his
opponents, wins the game.

Follow Setup of the Cooperation Mode for 2 and 3 players.

Victory conditions

A player wins:
• If he’s the first to have both of his characters escape.
• If his team is the last one alive.
• If one of your characters is eliminated, you have to wait
until the last turn of the countdown to escape alone.
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