two interface suggestions. No, three.

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two interface suggestions. No, three.

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1) When giving something to another character - healing, experience - the new window only allows you to pick a subject and "Confirm". You can't go back to see who needs it! (Yes, I know, I should have done that first...) It would be nice if there were a "Back out" button so you could re-examine things.

2) I frequently hit the "Upgrade" arrow when I only meant to hover over it (Yes, I know, it's just me...) It would be safer if Ivhad to "Confirm" an upgrade.

3) "Armor" would be more intuitive and hence easier to work into your thinking if the number were superimposed on the Shield icon. Someone suggested a line connecting the number to the shield if that's easier to do. (And yes, I know, that's just me...)
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