Parks: Nightfall Expansion - Options?

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Parks: Nightfall Expansion - Options?

Post by theAudsMustBeCrazy »

1) When configuring a new table of Parks, under Nightfall are these options:

Enabled - action-packed

What does "action-packed" mean?

2) The first option, Game Mode, has


What does "friendly" mean? I searched the rules pdf and it didn't have "friendly" in it.

I wish the configuration options had tool tips or a "card" nearby with explanations on the different options. (Not just for Parks.) It's time-consuming searching through forums and Reddit posts to find out what these things mean.

Thanks in advance, anyone ...
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Re: Parks: Nightfall Expansion - Options?

Post by Kayvon »

Post an official suggestion to have descriptions added. That's an easy one for game devs to complete.
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Re: Parks: Nightfall Expansion - Options?

Post by Winn81 »

After making that selection I see: "Half of park cards have instant actions"
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