Unable to pay for projects

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Rex Gator
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Unable to pay for projects

Post by Rex Gator »

I am in the midst of my first game on BGA. I want to build a project. I have selected it and selected the polis to build it in. I now have a prompt that says "You must choose how to pay" The only button I see is the undo button. Nothing else that I can click or select that will let me pay for the project. I have tried both on Chrome and Edge browser. Anyone have an answer for this problem?
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Re: Unable to pay for projects

Post by cowboy_dan »

I’ve never had that issue and never used those browsers, but you should put in a bug report. Unfortunately Polis is one of the older games and not up to the same development standard (which could be due to the functionality available at the time) as most recent additions which is a shame because it’s a great game. I think the dev archduke is an active site admin though.
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Re: Unable to pay for projects

Post by Txingudi »

It may be that you lack the resources to build it.

Remember that you can pay any resource with silver, but it has to be ALL the resource. For instance, if the price is 3 olives, you could pay it only with 3 olives or 3 silver, but no other intermediate choice, even if you had 2 olives and 2 silver.

Could it have been the reason of your issue?
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