Delay in getting corn for start player

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Delay in getting corn for start player

Post by danielvictor »

The rules say to take the corn accumulated by the start player as soon as your turn is finished when you take start player. I've just taken the start player for the first time in a game and the system hasn't given me the corn yet.I'm guessing it will do that when I choose how far to rotate the wheel as the corn is still there.So functionally there is no difference as I wouldn't get to spend the corn during my turn anyway.Still,that is not what the rules say.
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Re: Delay in getting corn for start player

Post by flowerscandrink »

It seems correct to me. Your turn would not be considered "done" until the window where you decide whether to advance the gear once or twice. That occurs at the end of everyone's actions and before rewards and/or feeding when applicable.
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