Too many variations

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Too many variations

Post by DoubleSpliff »

By having so many different combinations of options when creating a game it means that there are sometimes up to 8-10 tables each with a slightly different set up with only 1 or 2 players waiting for other players to join in order for a game to start. This results in much longer waiting times to get a game started. Sometimes I just give up waiting and go and play another game instead. It used to be so much faster.
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Re: Too many variations

Post by ufm »

>90% of tables are played with the standard Hearts rule set.
As the major option difference is usually the game length only, 'too many variants' do not apply.
In fact, the number of games has been increased compared to the old version (40% increase).
If you can't get a match, probably you're doing something wrong.
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