What's next?

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Re: What's next?

Post by RobertBr »

I think I've mentioned this before, you should consider setting up a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/c/gaming
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Re: What's next?

Post by capt_von_ondine »

Understood. I was just curious if you were going to continue on with something new or not.
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Re: What's next?

Post by CreepyDude »

Lunalol wrote: 30 May 2022, 10:30 I have started to dev Band of Brothers from Jim Krohn (author of Talon and SE4X) but it is some early job (working with maps).
I am a big fan of tactical wargames. Is there anything I can help with the art?
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Re: What's next?

Post by Lunalol »

For the moment no, I have to decide whether or not to know if I implement it or not. If so, there will be work on the LOS.
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Re: What's next?

Post by JFridy »

The OLD game Hitler's War, originally from Metagames and later Avalon Hill, could be fun.

It's clearly inspired by the old Rise and Decline of the 3rd Reich, but it's stripped to the bone for abstraction and playability. Really fun game.
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Re: What's next?

Post by jonathanmcc »

A long time ago, I made a PC Windows version of Hitlers War.

Last update was 2013 - I don't know if it is still playable on modern windows, but it is here if you want to have a look:


EDIT: It still works on my Windows 10 PC.
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Re: What's next?

Post by tarkalak »

Can I pitch for Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars from GMT?

-> A theme that I like (WWII, D-DAY, SF, others?)
The Peloponnesian Wars (covers both of them). So acnient greeks.

-> A progression in learning the rules (like USE)
The game has several distinct systems that need learning and mastering.
You have 4 players on two sides. The two players controlling the same side must first debate over issues (actions), determining who will play which one. Then place them secretly on the map. Finally each player in turn flips an action marker on the map and carries out the action. There is only one winner.

-> Lots of scenarios (like USE)
There are 10 turns in the game with at least 2 scenarios plus 5 turn scenarios for each war and a whole war scenario. Generally quite a few scenarios are available.

-> Friendly and available authors, developers (like USE)
The author is Mark Herman, who is active on BGG.

-> An available license (GMT for example)
It is a GMT game.

-> Preferably with a VASSAL module available (for the map and tokens), oh sorry: like USE
Has Vassal.

I am not sure how suitable it would be for BGA, though. The compatriots need to plan the turn together to some extent, though they may not play what they promised. There are bot charts for lower player counts, but it is mostly a 4 player game.
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What's next?

Post by Lunalol »

I would like to know your opinion on Fighters of Pacific from Don't Panic games
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