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Post by juzamoth »

Hi ( sorry for my bad english because i'm french )

I enjoyed a lot playing this game.
But, i think, this game could be better.
( So, it's not critic, i just give a few ideas to improve )

I played a lot to Abalone, and when you are a strong player, the initial setup is very boring, it's better to start with the belgian daisy.

For Empire plateau, if you play with a beginner, you can win in 2 moves, but if you play a strong player, the game can finish in 300 moves or more.
Perhaps testing other variations.
For exemple not allowing the small armies of value 2 to move backward.
And not allowing the emblem to conquer the opposite base.
Adding this rules ( or other rules it's just an example ) will probably increase the number of strategic moves possible.

Good luck :)
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Re: Ideas

Post by Frances_Games »

We are happy to hear that you, like many others, are enjoying this unique, new game JUZAMOTH!

Game rules are set now, so no changes or edits will be getting made. Beginner players will need to read tips to see that they need to cover their base and preferably watch learning video also. It’s easy enough for them to do! Playing against Better players is the best way for them to improve, as one learns quicker from playing bad moves. Even the best players will make bad moves at times so you will learn quick how to capitalise on these.

Thank u for posting and looking forward to playing you in Arena mode soon perhaps? FG
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