Boarders of a tile

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Boarders of a tile

Post by TermiGator »


nice implementation of the game.
I still have a tough time seeing which hexes belong to a tile. Quite important if you're trying to build up since you're not allowed to build "tile on tile" but "tile on 2 or 3 tiles".

There seems to be an option adressing that but other than adding a nearly invisible pink tint it doesn't seem to do anything?
For playability I'd just prefer black boarders for each 3-hex tile

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Re: Boarders of a tile

Post by biiefarii »

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Re: Boarders of a tile

Post by T72on1 »

I agree with the OP. Both on the implementation being nice (great, even!) but the distinction between different tiles not being clear enough. It's not too bad on computer, but harder to see on mobile. Adding a dark border sounds like it might help a lot.
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Re: Boarders of a tile

Post by JackFrostiii »

Same...It isn't clear

Perhaps in bug report's session ?
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