Plateau 9x9?

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Re: Plateau 9x9?

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Julius Grace wrote: 07 September 2023, 06:47 But can’t you understand that the forum rules themselves prevent me from giving you all the substantial evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt people cheat in this game?

Please do not continue to argue this point when the forum rules say you can’t call people out by name, and/or list all the games where people are cheating, and show all the 30+ moves in a game that match the Connect 4 solver 100%
"I have a secret list I can't share because rules, but pls don't argue with me, I'm right"... :| Like I said before, you have actions like being able to send the evidence to BGA moderation. You also haven't answered my previous question. Not to mention whether you even checked to see how easy it would be for a person to play the game with those moves, as I pointed out before, there exist cases where all correct moves is easy to do.
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