Rigged gaming

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Re: Rigged gaming

Post by Jellby »

(This has nothing to do with Martian Dice)

Definitely, the odds of rolling any 6 in Lucky Numbers is infinitesimal... as there are no dice in Lucky Numbers.

You probably mean Can't Stop, and misunderstood the game. You roll only 4 dice, and the odds of rolling four 6s are just one in 1300, so it happens very often given the amount of games played and rolls in each game.
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Re: Rigged gaming

Post by Romain672 »

mpacker wrote: 17 June 2023, 14:56 The dice rolling generator is definitely not truely random... i was playing lucky numbers (you roll 6 sets of 2 dice) and rolled 6 "6,6"... the odds of that happening are so miniscule....but i did it twice in one game... not random, no way
In your last game of Can't stop, which look like the game you are talking about, you rolled dices 38 times.
You rolled one time '5666' and another time '4666'.
Note that in can't stop, what is proposed to you is the combinaison of those four dices. So with sides [5][6a][6b][6c], you can either:
- combine [5][6a] & [6b][6c] which sum to 11 & 12
- or combine [5][6b] & [6a][6c] which sum to 11 & 12
- or combine [5][6c] & [6a][6b] which sum to 11 & 12.
So you are seeing a board of [5][6a][6b][6c][5][6b][6a][6c][5][6c][6a][6b] which represent only four dices.

The chance to roll at least three 6s (or four) is 1.62%.
The chance to roll twice (or more than twice) three 6s (or four) in 38 tries is 12,6%.

So this will happen one game out of eight.
Enjoy statistiques (but I suppose you just missunderstood Can't stop rules) :)
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Re: Rigged gaming

Post by jonniejh »

Sort of sounds like you are saying that you had a run of good luck, but then a run of bad, right? And you say that’s not down to the dice being random, it’s down to something being fixed against you specifically? Why do you think you specifically are being targeted? Dice games are inherently luck based and push your luck games can work in your favour sometimes and in others not so much. There is a gambling awareness advert that says, ‘when the fun stops, stop’. Sounds like the fun has most definitely stopped!
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