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Re: Expansions

Post by Wannouu »

Agree with all of that :)

Fracture is the must have but I would also add Ressource cards draft mode when starting the game between variable anomaly and variable timeline
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Re: Expansions

Post by Propaganda_Panda »

I would love to see expansions, but I fear that this is not realistic. As of now, the player base is very small, it's probably not worth the effort for the developers.
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Re: Expansions

Post by Cyphen »

It's certainly a shame about the small player base. For me, personally, it is a bit of catch-22, as the lack of expansions is exactly the thing preventing me from wanting to play Anarchrony on BGA in the first place!

If I could play with Fractures of Time, or if I could play with the Future Imperfect "All In" setup (Intrigues of the Council + Hypersync Future Actions + Quantum Loops) then I would be on BGA playing this every day! Heck, I'd probably be playing Anachrony on BGA every day with even a *single* Breakthrough-using expansion implemented. I really love this game. But without an expansion that makes use of Breakthroughs, playing Anachrony just feels incomplete to me. It would be like if BGA had an implementation of Gloomhaven, but didn't include any of the scenarios/missions, only allowing you to play a randomized dungeon each time. Sure, I can still "play" Gloomahven, but it doesn't feel complete.

Maybe an imperfect analogy, but for now I'll keep playing my physical copy of Anachrony, and whistfully hoping for expansions to the game to come to BGA :-)
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Re: Expansions

Post by michaelHastriter »

I need everything. I have everything for the game and don't understand it and want to play it in real life with other people but got to learn it on BGA
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Re: Expansions

Post by AllAboardGamer »

I will second or third the addition of Fractures of Time. The expansion is amazing and I won't play the physical game without it. I would literally sacrifice every other module or expansion to have FoT. :)
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Re: Expansions

Post by TexArcher »

I would love to see Fractures added, because it takes the game to the next level, and the Classic Expansion set for variety.

In real life, I feel like the base game is for teaching it to newcomers. Play that once or twice to wrap your head around it, then we're always playing with at least one expansion after that.
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