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Re: new layout

Post by vero14 »

Est-ce que les modérateurs pourraient prendre en considération nos avis et au moins nous répondre ? Est-ce que 4 pages ne suffisent pas a provoquer un semblant de réponse somme nous si insignifiant ?
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Re: new layout

Post by Virjammin »

The new interface is unplayably terrible. Any chance of going back to the old one?
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Re: new layout

Post by drstuey »

I don't want to be negative and hate on new things just because they are different, but ... I really hate it and I can't play it any more now it is too annoying.

I also keep getting the cards popping-up and they cannot be dismissed. So frustrating.

Just as bad, I find it impossible to choose which year to put my hand cards into. They never go in the correct year. If there is a trick to how you can get the cards to go in the correct year I haven't figured it out. Not intuitive.

And what on earth are those stupid coloured circles on the player panel? They look so dumb, like 1980's home desktop publishing.

Sorry to people who spent time working on this. But I hate it.
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Re: new layout

Post by tim_is_awesome »

it appears that they are ignoring the requests for the old layout despite the large number of people hating the new layout.
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Re: new layout

Post by Yorgad »

Just noticed that more information regarding the layout evolutions are provided in the Seasons Group page.

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Re: new layout

Post by vero14 »

Apparemment..ils ne vont rien faire discussion stérile avec un modérateur qui veut juste améliorer les petits bugs concrets...bref il s'en foutent royalement qu'il n'y est plus que 5 joueurs qui continuent de jouer..tout va bien l'interface est génial 🤣...bref grosse déception...ce n'est pas comme ça qu'on l'on va avoir envie de payer un abonnement... Tellement déçue.. c'était un de mes jeux préférés..🤬
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Re: new layout

Post by Lini206 »

Please please please dearest developers, please give at least the option to play with the old layout. the new one is absolutely unplayable... I used to play several games every day, now I play 1 day a month max
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Re: new layout

Post by cicelle »

Ca fait longtemps que j'avais pas fait une partie et maintenant, je me souviens pourquoi : le "nouveau" design est juste horrible ! C'est dommage, c'est un super jeu, totalement gâché par cette adaptation :(

It have been a while since I played and now I remember why : the awful new design.
It's too bad, the game was good but is totally ruined by this new adaptation
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Re: new layout


i dont play anymore
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Re: new layout

Post by gtwin »

Sorry to say, I'm not a fan of the new interface. Visual changes are subjective, and that's okay. But playability has suffered, I think.

- total value of played cards visible
- draw and discard pile count
- total scoring break down, makes you notice different strategies more

- same information visible in two places; is confusing and clutters up the (already limited) screen space
- undo feature is okay, but too dominantly visible, danger is to press accidentally
- transmutation values are on the gameboard already, now it's distracting (is an example of unnecessary double information)
- next years cards are not easy to see
- other players cards get pushed away by the bigger play area
- I want to play without tokens
- black in-between screen

- I don't really like playing anymore
- previous version was simpler, that's my personal preference, but it was also better to introduce new players with
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