I didn't play the menu card and it said I need to play

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I didn't play the menu card and it said I need to play

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Hi guys. Today, when I was playing this game, the biggest bug in this game happened to me again. The game needed me to play a menu card when I didn't have that and could not move. I tried to abandon the game but one of my opponents declined. This led to my clock turning negative and my opponent expelled me. I think it's unfair because I lost my karma and elo because of the serious bug. I reported this every time I was having this bug but sadly, the devs remained silent.
This bug is serious, but the devs never do things to avoid this happening. To be honest, I'm quite angry and feel bad for other players who met this before.
Let's hope they can fix the bug as soon as possible.

Game link: https://boardgamearena.com/table?table=417668302
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