So few players for such a great game :(

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So few players for such a great game :(

Post by Patapouf1 »

I'm wondering... why is there so few people playing this game? Arena has 21 bronze player and 11 elite... its rather depressing... is it because arena settings are bad?
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Re: So few players for such a great game :(

Post by NightmareAtheist »

i think popular games in real life also become popular on BGA. Then popular games on BGA have lower waiting time which attract even more ppl away from other good but not popular games.
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Re: So few players for such a great game :(

Post by spastado »

if you are referring to arena, the settings are plateable to some compared to others. nothing much to say when most people voted it to be 1v1

there are also a variety of settings
1) number of players
2) goals
3) first game

if you wanna find out what sticks, set up a number of different tables with different settings and see which one people play =)
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Re: So few players for such a great game :(

Post by Chucklepie »

Maybe people looking at this game and seeing it's moderately difficult and there is no tutorial decide not to play.

Sadly for whatever reason BGA makes it almost impossible to find tutorials that are in alpha stage so we end up with a vicious circle of nobody playing the game because there is no tutorial and nobody viewing the tutorial because they can't find it so it never leaves alpha?

I really don't know why BGA can't put alpha tutorials as some kind of link with each game's 'learn' section and state it is in alpha. As it happens, the tutorial for New Frontiers is really excellent but has only had 5 views. I've just played the tutorial :)
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Re: So few players for such a great game :(

Post by smugskull »

For sure.
Arena settings have been garbage from a long time but that's just the way every single Arena for non-popular game goes.

ELO seekers always prefer to play with the least amount of people possible. Then they turn into Gurus which then vote to make Arena 2p too.

I still like this game and play from time to time but stay the hell away from the Arena mode.
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Mark Ellis
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Re: So few players for such a great game :(

Post by Mark Ellis »

I've been playing a bit of Arena recently and personally think I find the 2P settings a little sub-optimal for this game...

I really like the whole RftG family of games, and strongly prefer RftG itself to be 2P. But I think New Frontiers suits 4P better. Largely because New Frontiers has a relatively small amount of hidden information and unpredictability, so I feel it requires more careful planning and more effort to play effectively. You must often consider sequences of actions along the lines if I do A, they will do B before I can do C etc. For me, this makes the experience a bit of a grind at times. With 4P, there is a little less certainty, allowing decisions to be a bit more intuitive. Of course, there is a loss of control, and the potential for odd decisions of other players to mess things up for you, but maybe this is still preferable overall if the play experience is better.

Does anyone else feel this way on 2P vs 4P? It could be that I am much more familiar with RftG and so the mental load there feels far lower, but I don't think it is this alone.
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Re: So few players for such a great game :(

Post by bigmanz123 »

New Frontiers is my favorite game (and Race for the Galaxy is my favorite game system.) So add me as a friend and let's play some games!

As for the Arena format, I agree with you guys that 4 player is more fun than 2 player. But unfortunately it's nearly impossible to find a 4 player game, arena or normal, unless you have friends who play the game on BGA. But the more people we can persuade--I find Rftg players in particular are persuadable--to play New Frontiers, the more viable 4 player Arena becomes.
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Re: So few players for such a great game :(

Post by arioline »

Somebody mentioned that there is a tutorial available but I wasn't able to find it. Where should I look?
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