Not sure what to aim for in this game to play

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Not sure what to aim for in this game to play

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The first problem is that the official help describes the game flow first, not the game goal.

Is this game about scoring high? Or is it a game to be played not so seriously, but for the fun of drawing and guessing? Or it is left to the player?

If it is the former, it is a bad idea to make the picture too easy to understand. Everyone will match the choices to the theme, and everyone will get points.
On the other hand, it is not good if the picture suggests something other than the theme. The other players will vote for the choices they associate with the picture.

The picture must be drawn in such a way that no one can associate it with anything just by looking at it. And if you can come up with a picture in which the connection is strongly recognized by everyone when the theme is revealed as an option, you will dominate the scoring.

I think this is a reasonable way to play. However, I cannot take the liberty of adding this objective to the game description wiki in my language, since it is not officially described as such.
This game seems to be played in English speaking countries. I would like to know how it is played.

Actually, I have not played this game yet, but I have watched it live stream. The game went well and they enjoyed drawing and guessing. But all the players were constantly confused about the objective: what to draw for, what choices to make, what to vote for.
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