Break The Code 2P Strategy

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Break The Code 2P Strategy

Post by DoctorFianchetto »

I discovered this fine game a few days ago and I've been playing quite a lot of B it recently, mostly 2-player, and I have a view I'd like to present to the community.

The question What is the sum of your Black/White tiles? seems way more powerful than any other question. If my opponent gets both of these questions, it's almost certain they will win, regardless if they are first or second.

Do you agree?
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Re: Break The Code 2P Strategy

Post by Hzyxl »

Most definitely two of the strongest questions, even having one as the starting player is already a pretty significant advantage. But I don't think it's game breaking.

It's just part of the luck of the game whether you get good or bad questions. You just have to make the best out of it and maximize your win percentage.
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