Will darkwar be coming?

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Will darkwar be coming?

Post by sdschiltz »

Thank you to all that were involved with getting this game on bga.

I love this game and have been really enjoying it!

I hope the promo stuff and darkwar content will eventually be added (I understand it might be a lot more work but one can hope)

A couple of other options I would love to see for customizing your difficulty

1. Being able to choose the epic foe
2. Being able to choose the dire enemies
3. If you are not able to hold an item it is dropped in the region in which it was gained. Another player can come and pick it up. However if the region is attacked before a player gets to it the item has been reclaimed by the dark forces.
4. Being able to skip the first round (It is very common to be able to get all of the regions to 0 threat and all of the heros at full health that skipping the first round can give you a similar game that is a little bit shorter time wise)

these might all be very niche but just wanted to comment :)

Thanks again!!
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Re: Will darkwar be coming?

Post by JT5K »

I agree with all of the above. Even though in the physical game there's no stated option to skip the first round, I recall there being some type of seeding that went on or something like that. In this BGA mod it sort of seems like that first round is pretty meaningless. Dropping artifacts is also a cool idea.

Anyhow, really loving this version of TED so far! Most of it seems to work very seamlessly, and the captions for the meeples are particularly amusing - nice touch on that front. ;)

One thing I wanted to mention is that there does seem to be some dire enemies and artifacts from the DW expansion, which is exciting, but without the whole expansion implemented these don't always work. For example, I just played a game where one of the dire enemies was the sand worms that make skills cost extra XP to use, but we didn't have skills to spend XP on, so the enemy was kind of a non-threat.

Really looking forward to seeing the final version of this. TED is still my personal favorite Tiny Epic game, and I'm excited to see it's the first one being added to BGA. Must mean I'm not alone!
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