Improvement suggestion for Roll for the Galaxy

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Improvement suggestion for Roll for the Galaxy

Post by fuerdrake »


I'm not sure if this has been suggested before.

It seems that most Roll for the Galaxy games go along the path of Develop, Develop, Develop.

Once in a while, the stars align, and Shipping works as a strategy.

Once in a while, Planet building works as a strategy.

What if there was an Optional Rule that 6+ Developments only scored the "+" part as Victory Points? They still cost 6 dice, but the Victory Points for winning the game did not "double dip" and score 6 VP and the "+" VP?
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Peter Mille
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Re: Improvement suggestion for Roll for the Galaxy

Post by Peter Mille »

I've been thinking sort of the same thing, though if I had to make any alteration it would be the following:
-Galactic Federation gives 1/4 of your development cost
-System Diversification gives 1/3 of your reassign development cost
-Galactic Bankers gives 1 point per 2 developments rounded down
-New Economy remains the same

I think this would substantially nerf the development strategy since it more or less relies on getting one of these tiles, while not making 6devs as a whole a bad investment.
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