Tzolk'in expansion ?

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Tzolk'in expansion ?

Post by Amau_Catepetl »


As some of you know, Tzolk'in may be unbalanced at 4 players with corn and wood monuments and very unbalanced at 3 players due to skull player advantage.

I know that Tzolk'in expansion exists, I already played with it but not against experts/masters, so I don't know if the expansion is enough to compensate the unbalance. But maybe that could be a good thing to add the expansion to BGA. Let me know what you think about that.

More generally, what are the criterias to add an expansion or a new game to BGA ?

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Re: Tzolk'in expansion ?

Post by Jellby »

Amau1993 wrote: 20 April 2023, 01:47 More generally, what are the criterias to add an expansion or a new game to BGA ?
First, permission from the publisher.

Second, some developer willing to work on it.
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Re: Tzolk'in expansion ?

Post by lmarkus001 »

With Boiteajeux closing its doors, I am losing the online option for expanded Tzolk'in which is the most enjoyable version of the game for me. I sure hope it gets implemented here!!!
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Re: Tzolk'in expansion ?

Post by flowerscandrink »

Expansion would be great! Would especially love the option to include buildings and monuments from the expansion in the base game. This alone could impact the balance enough to perhaps see some difference. If anything it would reduce the chances of getting the corn and wood monuments in the same 4p game as there would be more monuments in the pool.
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