can you give a devil end to diablo?

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cristian grindcore
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can you give a devil end to diablo?

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hey mark steere ,i test the game with friends and i want to give you this idea ,we love diablo
this is my idea for the end of this game, you win by taking all the pieces or win if you can escape when you run out of pieces ,because is a little unfair when you dont let catch by the other player and loose ,and this can give a real devil end
if there a programer who can see this and listen ill be happy ,just put it as option

por si no me entendieron en ingles,dale un final diabolico al juego ,gana el que mata todas las piezas del oponente o gana el jugador que logre quedarse sin piezas sin que se las maten ,eso daria un final diabolico
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