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Game Board

Post by Babs112 »

Hi there,

Love this game! I even backed it on Kickstarter so when I saw it was in Beta I was soooo excited! If I may offer a few suggestions....

Many people I played with said that the rules/video is of an entirely different game so when they see this...they kept saying "uhhhh this is not the game in the video. Dad vs Daughter on Youtube do a great explanation and playthrough of this game if you want to link them. Also I noticed there are no English rules uploaded.

EVERY and i do mean every person I've played with said that the game board is WAY to busy and find it hard to follow there cube/cars etc. I kinda agree with them. I know the physical copy of the game has all the pictures along Route 66 etc...but that real board game has a huge 6ft roll up map and its not condensed to a computer screen. Perhaps for the BGA version you make less of a busy background? It doesn't bother me so much because I already knew how to play the game but it does make it easier for the eyes if it wasn't so busy?

Hope my suggestions help! Love this game! Big fan!
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Re: Game Board

Post by Yasten »

Also, the board feels too small, it's hard to see the points for each route.
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Re: Game Board

Post by __X__ »

If you moved player info to top, and game logs below the board, you could have the board full screen-width, making it much easier to see.

And fix your progress counter. 0% when the game is 90% complete? So it's impossible to concede when a game is clearly over, yet may last another 10 minutes ...

Honestly, should never have made it out of alpha yet without these fixes.
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Re: Game Board

Post by VonBunker »

Yasten wrote: 31 December 2021, 17:56 Also, the board feels too small, it's hard to see the points for each route.
I agree; maybe I am too old but the board is way too small for me, I don't really see neither the points or other competitors cars
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Re: Game Board

Post by miklomike »

This game is pretty unplayable on mobile. You have to zoom in everywhere and still hard to see where you are and what your opponents are doing. The game should also auto end when it's 2 players and mathematically over, instead of dragging out for many more turns.

Impossible turns should auto end as well. The only action available is end your turn. In turn based games this adds days to the length of the game.

And finally, nothing you can change about it as it's the way the game works, but at certain points games are over but you need to keep playing it out. At least in can't stop or similar games you can try for a desperate long push and pull off an upset. In this game you know for a fact that even rolling perfect and claiming 3 roads in your last turn will result in defeat.
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