move 32, 59% of Chess game?

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move 32, 59% of Chess game?

Post by gabe69velasquez »

"Game result cancelled (Someone left this game before the end) :
The player who left (or was skipped) lost the game and got a ☯ penalty.
The other players won this game and get 59% of normal ELO points
(because 59% of this game was played before the incident)."

Who decided that 32 moves is 59% of a chess game?
And why right under 32 moves does it say 62% ... s=84255566;

I noticed from the replay the game actually starts at 50%, why?
Can someone just answer with the info that I am missing,
even if you don't have a programming solution, please?
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Sammy McSam
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Re: move 32, 59% of Chess game?

Post by Sammy McSam »

Hi gabe69velasquez

I just had a look at the code - chess game progression starts at 50% and is a function of the number of pieces captured by any one player - which turns out to be 3% per captured piece by the player who has captured the most pieces.

So the reason your game ended at '59%' progression is because you had captured 3 pieces when the game ended.

In standard chess notation, there were 12 completed moves in this game.

I didn't develop chess on bga, so I can't tell you why it was implemented this way, but I agree it could be improved!
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Re: move 32, 59% of Chess game?

Post by ahrnge »

I think you can't concede a game on board game arena prior to 50% completion. The developers likely felt that chess should be concedable at any stage, which is why the game oddly begins at 50% progression (just my speculation). The rest is a mystery to me, although I don't know of some objectively better way of measuring progression in a chess game.
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Re: move 32, 59% of Chess game?

Post by Roua »

:D You’d better ask why only one player should move if the opponent ran out of time. This is nonsense in chess.
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