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Recommended Improvements

Post by Katregory »

This is a neat little game; I love the premise and think it has a lot of replayability. I will definitely keep an eye out for the physical game, but in terms of the BGA online version, I have a few recommendations that I think would be very helpful, especially for new players:
  • provide a list of all cards in the game and their total count, organized by suit (ideally, this would include information like locked by, unlocks, and scoring)
  • if possible, have tooltips color-coded like the cards are (in terms of indicating the suit for padlock-related cards) or have a way to always see the full card when it is in your village square (currently, cards drawn during the draft phase stack on top of each other so you can only see the latest draft card you've drawn in your village square)
  • TUTORIAL: cover how coins works more thoroughly (reserving cards, when the bank pays, when you pay, when another player pays, what it means to have coins on a particular card and how this is different from the coin icons on the cards themselves)
  • TUTORIAL: review card anatomy from the outset
  • TUTORIAL: go over the reserve pile and the facedown card stacks on the road, especially how they work with respect to rounds and market phase timing (I recommend explaining that a round is made up of the draft and build phases, referring to the market phases as 2 special events that occur at the end of the round in which they were revealed, and that players may play multiple rounds before the first market event and between the first and second market events, depending on the number of players and how they are drawing their cards)
  • TUTORIAL: go over the difference between a 2-player and a 3+-player game
  • TUTORIAL: go over special cards, the discard symbol, and that of the special cards, those with the discard symbol don't count toward a player's build limit
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Re: Recommended Improvements

Post by yelmanyel »

in Japanese (other translation too?), original language and translation of the card name hide the symbol of card. only display translation or show symbol on tooltip.
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Re: Recommended Improvements

Post by quaint0 »

I’d like to come up with rather obvious and supposedly easily to be implemented idea for 2-players game improvement.

It’s not a secret that the first player to move has a huge advantage. Because 10 times out of 10 he drafts the carpenter, a card with tremendous significance.

So the most simple way to make it up for the 2nd player is to assign him a handicap. I’m not sure which should be the exact amount of that handicap, but I’d estimate it between 5 and 10 points.

The way to determine it might be to find out the mean of average score margin for huge data of games played. And then probably reduce it for 1 or 2 points, because 2nd player in current circumstances is somewhat forced to play more risky, which leads to his higher average score deficit.
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