Official Endgame Rule Update/Clarification

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Official Endgame Rule Update/Clarification

Post by EvilCheesypoof »

From the rulebook,
6. The Winning Faction

If all players Negotiate consecutively
on their turn, the game ends and the
faction that rules the most areas wins.

The first tiebreaker is the faction
with the most stones on the axe.

The second tiebreaker is the faction
with the most stones on the flag.

If all else fails, no one wins.
This used to be interpreted that if no faction/color wins, no player could win, and indeed that was the original intent/clarification, but now it has been updated to a new ruling, confirmed by the designer (Matilda Simonsson) ... s-w/page/1
My original ruling was that "if no faction wins, no player wins" but I've come to the conclusion that "if no faction wins, the player with the least stones wins" is probably more interesting and certainly much funnier.

BGA also got it correct, and it does makes a lot of sense from the pov that "losing faction stones = negative points".
So the current BGA implementation is correct, if the factions tie, you still go to regular player tie breakers, starting with least stones wins.
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