Is there a strategy ?

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Is there a strategy ?

Post by Tristan107 »

I would vote for :
luck : 4/5
strategy : 2/5

many of your moves are forced, or have random results. The only spot of "strategy" is when u play last and u have enough chips to allow u to win or lose the trick, but it's not like poker, ppl don't take their turn one after an other rotating around the table, so u can't just play passive/conservative and wait for best position to play. After a few turns, u can know exactly who has which chips, but it doesn't really help you.

Even the "robot" who plays an extremely basic strategy win many rounds based on the randomness of the game.

Also, you can't really "aim" for something, since u don't know what the goal is from start (stay under 21 or max the score when everybody busts).

This game could be really fun and involve some strategy with some slightly different rules (I have no precise suggestions yet though).
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