Yatzy Triple 10 Suggestion re: Score Sheet

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Yatzy Triple 10 Suggestion re: Score Sheet

Post by youngathearttx »

Hi ufm,
I have started playing Yatzy Triple 10 in tournament mode. I found the Score Sheet to be counter intuitive.
Since it is most beneficial for score x3 first, it seems that column should be in the first position on the score sheet.
It took some trial and error to figure out the best way to score my rolls, since I did not see any rules for this variation on the site.
I am fine with the score sheet now that I am a regular player. :D
It seems it would be fair and?or encouraging for new players to understand the concept from the beginning.
Thanks for all your hard work on so many games!
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Re: Yatzy Triple 10 Suggestion re: Score Sheet

Post by ufm »

Rejected as I'm following the most common convention which also exists as the physical version.
The rules are linked on the game page and you can read the brief description from the table option list.

Btw, I dunno who opened that tournament, but it's a poor choice... I expect almost all games to be neutralized.
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