New Action Board - Latest Reprint

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New Action Board - Latest Reprint

Post by vre »


I recently bought the physical game and it is the Feuerland Spiele edition. There are basically no rules changes, except for a pretty major one - the action board is double sided and for 1 & 2 player games there are a lot less action spaces to use, leading to a tighter game.

You can see an image here: ... -excluding

Are there any plans to implement this in the BGA version, perhaps as a variant option during the game set up?

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Re: New Action Board - Latest Reprint

Post by Johnny_Vegas »

I came on here to talk about this same topic. The game is much more fun 2 player with less spaces like the reprint uses. My friend and I have simulated this by banning certain spaces on the 2 player board so that it matches with the revised version of the game. Of course sometimes one of us forgets and takes a "banned" space. It is of course impossible to play this way with other people on BGA without a lot of explaining and agreement.

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