Point Limit per Card Adaptation

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Point Limit per Card Adaptation

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This is something that I have been kicking around in my head for a couple of weeks; kind of like a house rule. My initial idea was that if any single card scored above 15 points in your forest than you wouldn't be able to count it toward your final score. The less extreme option would be any single card would be capped at scoring 15 points. Obviously the point limit number could be debated, I came up with it because the Fat Dormouse is the highest scoring single card at 15 points and 15 is a common multiple of most of the card calculations. This rule would not apply to the sets as none of those sets could surpass 15 points per single card.

I think this is a simple option that might satisfy issues people are discussing on the longevity of Forest Shuffle.
*Nerfing Wolf/Deer hording strategy
*Reducing the luck of the draw aspect in a 2 player game
*Create more diverse forests by exploring other strategies

I haven't tested this yet within my friends group.
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