What is your favourite faction?

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What is your favourite faction?

Post by montybojangles »

What's your favourite Gaia Project faction? Do you like a powerful one, such as the Taklons? Or an underdog, such as the Gleens? Is it a faction with a cool concept, such as the Lantids gaining knowledge from having mines on other factions' planets?

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My favourite faction is - tempted by Nevlas - the Firaks. They are challenging to play but gave me one of my most enjoyable and memorable solo victories, 188 vs Geodens (Automachtig) 182.
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Re: What is your favourite faction?

Post by ArborBarber »

I’ve put in a lot of hours on GP and played all the factions except the Lantids (hard to say why).

The more asymmetrical ones are the most interesting to me. Bal T’aks were my early favorite, but I haven’t played them as much lately. Ivits are awesome and perhaps the most asymmetrical, but slightly overpowered so tend to get banned in competitive games.

I guess that leaves Bescods as my all-around favorite? They’re weird but flexible, generally underrated but capable of very powerful things. When evaluating a random map I first check out if there are good conditions for the Robots.
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