* trolling games.

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* trolling games.

Post by Phouglas »

a player named * trolls Tichu games by going Grand Tichu every hand no matter how poor his hand is. It basically ruins the experience for another player who is forced to be his partner.

I tried reporting this but apparently BGA is okay with trolling games since it basically says a player can play however they want. How is that fostering a good gaming experience?

*moderator edit: it is not appropriate to call out players in the Forums. Please report players to moderation when you have evidence of them breaking the site rules or red thumb them to avoid matching again.
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Re: * trolling games.

Post by Lenko »

A couple of friends and I have played against him and noticed this intolerable behaviour too. I also tried reporting him but as you have seen, it’s not possible to do so.

Kindly avoid this player at all costs.
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Re: * trolling games.

Post by Jellby »

Red-thumb the player and move on.
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