Question on 2-player rules

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Question on 2-player rules

Post by Rooster6975 »

Tried this game for the first time tonight, 2-player. Seems pretty simple.

When playing 2 players, we each have 2 button cards either green/yellow or red/blue. It changes per round. However, when playing the game, we were constantly placing buttons on 3 or more green/yellow spots but then only being allowed to place a single star after Opting Out. The way I understood the rules, if I opt out, that's one star. If I place on 3 of the same colour, that's another star. And there is a bonus star for placing at least 3 on our colours. So shouldn't we have gotten at least a second star? It happened once, but we couldn't see what was different about that round compared to earlier rounds where we had placed up to 5 buttons on our own colours, yet still only received 1 star after opting out.

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Re: Question on 2-player rules

Post by nccc »

Though u have 2 colors in 2p game, it's still counted SEPERATELY.
So 3 blue buttons give u 3 stars, yet 2 red buttons give u nothing.
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