Optimising the arena settings

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Optimising the arena settings

Post by LizardPotato »

Near the end of the last arena season I noticed that nobody had reached 'elite' league in arena, but a few people had reached silver league. (I don't know how it was at the end of the season, I didn't check).

Wouldn't it then be better to have no silver league at all? I know for other games I like that aren't very popular the league system goes straight from bronze to elite.

I expect that the mistake is because a few more people *play* whist (it's not *that* hard to get a game in turn-based mode if you wait about a day), but still not many people are advancing. Perhaps because a win with three people doesn't get you many points, and also perhaps because the games are very long.

A second suggestion, then, is that perhaps the arena settings for a season should try out the 7-point variant instead of the standard 14-point variant?
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Re: Optimising the arena settings

Post by ufm »

Sorry, gurus decide the setting
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