Cube Removal at Start of Game

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Cube Removal at Start of Game

Post by LemonyFresh »

The newest version (Samarkand Bazaar) omits the rule to remove cubes according to the number of players. I am unsure if this was a mistake, but it significantly changes the game at lower # of players. I wonder how the online version is being coded. For reference:

• with 4 players remove 1 of each cube
• with 3 players remove 3 of each cube
• with 2 players remove 5 of each cube
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Re: Cube Removal at Start of Game

Post by andrewjuu »

with a physical copy it's is an easy fix, w/ the online version not so much :cry: I think cube removal would be essential (esp/ at lower player count) to make the threat of running out of cubes a real possibility. Hopefully it has been coded to work that way!?
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