Keep or remove this TTA version?

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Re: Keep or remove this TTA version?

Post by zizzeus »

I think we should keep the old version. Many things are just more extreme in the game (Napoleon, Michelangelo, Military/Wars, ...) making for a different experience. Sure, some cards never get played as they are clearly off-balance, but that just adds to the hate-drafting element a bit. It has a different charm and while simpler overall, it's still fun.
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The Kestrel
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Re: Keep or remove this TTA version?

Post by The Kestrel »

Was there a conclusion to this choice, or did the question die out naturally?

Personally, I like the more powerful military of the first edition rules, as it amps up the tension of the cold war situation. So, please keep both versions! :)
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Re: Keep or remove this TTA version?

Post by werfmark »

No point keeping around a nearly dead version.

Ladder seems dead as I haven't played in ages yet remain practically top.
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