The ELO system updates have removed visible ELO from game stats

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The ELO system updates have removed visible ELO from game stats

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Because of the finite number of predetermined scenarios in Tiwanaku and therefore the ease of cheating, we've had contend with no Arena games and no tournaments (disabling of competition). Now they've taken ELO display away from us, too:

From the post: ELO System Updates (13.12.2023)
→ Cooperative play and non competitive game
For cooperative games such as Hanabi, The Crew, or Just One, competition is already disabled. However, some players were too focused on the ELO, which led to unnecessary competitiveness in an environment which should instead incentivize cooperation.
For such games, we decided to hide the ELO value of each player and only display their current rank, from Beginner to Master.
This rank is based on existing win / loss games from the underlying ELO system. This way, you will not lose your rank with this change. For some games where chapters or scenarios are played, the more successful chapter will get you to the next rank faster, but you will not know how far from the next rank you could be at a given time.
This also applies to games where competition is disabled such as Chess.
I think this was misguided in Tiwanaku's case and I highly disagree with the decision. ELO is useful, and the main rewards for cheating are gone with the disabling of Arena and tournament games. I've really enjoyed the games against higher ELO's, and haven't ever happened upon a case of obvious cheating. I like the challenge of playing better and seing ELO change based on my performance. Boring decision.

Your ELO is still visible on the game page, below "My achievements".
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