Odds Betting Doesn't Make Sense

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Vol Jbolaz
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Odds Betting Doesn't Make Sense

Post by Vol Jbolaz »

The sooner you bet on the winner, the better your return. Okay, I like that.

The further back the winner is, the more places they have to make up, the better your return. Okay, I like that.

You get more money if you can guess who will be second than who will be first. Wait, what?

During the first round of betting, if you bet on the car in P1 to win and they do, you only get $3mil. However, if you bet on P2 to win, and they finish in P2, you get $4mil. I really can't wrap my brains around why that makes sense to anyone.

If you bet on P4 and they finish in P3, you also get $4mil. Okay, they made up a space, so... I guess there is something to reward there, but... P2 pays just a much without making up any spaces.

Its seems to me the meta would be to bet on the P3 car during the first round. If that car finishes in P3, then you get the same payout as if you bet on P1 to win and they did. If P3 makes up spaces, then you get paid even more. This meta feels weird and wrong.
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Re: Odds Betting Doesn't Make Sense

Post by Purkrabi »

Agree. This should be adjusted. It makes no sense to bet on 2nd or 3rd player and getting more money if they keep positions than betting on first to win....
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Re: Odds Betting Doesn't Make Sense

Post by barbacot »

I personally like the system. Remember that you are not an external gambler watching the cars being driven by others. You are directly involved in the driving (of all cars, usually). So betting one way or the other motivates you to take consecutive actions accordingly. Also, at the first bet the cars are usually very close together, a few places up or down don't matter so much. Also, betting on the cars further away in the pack will make the race more interesting, more close until the end.
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Re: Odds Betting Doesn't Make Sense

Post by BVander44 »

Where can I find what the payouts are? The rules mentioned here are not in the official rules.
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