Forced Missed Corners

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Forced Missed Corners

Post by DarkBeerMike »

Reading the rules, it states that if you can place your template, you can not e-brake no matter how bad the result. So if your template can fit around the back of a corner, you are forced to miss the corner. You now are automatically last and you can not concede. I think the game would be better if you could e-brake if you are going to miss a corner or at least allow conceding. This happen to me on the first corner of a 3 lap game, I am ok with losing, but I did not like having to play an entire game with no chance of placing better than last. I was wonder how other people felt about this.
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Re: Forced Missed Corners

Post by larbredemachin »

Something else could be good: be able to do an half turn when in first speed. So in case of missed curve on the beiginning it could be possible not to loose going back on the curve...
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