Risk calculating?

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Risk calculating?

Post by Albatraous »

I've played a couple of games now and found the risk seems to kill off my characters even though I have enough acclimation.

For example, I'll be on 3 points, then after my turn it adds 2, so should be on 1 point. Instead the game kills my character.

Maybe I am misunderstanding the mechanics, but I cannot see anything in the play history to account for the extra point that took my Smooth out.
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Fitz Roy
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Re: Risk calculating?

Post by Fitz Roy »

If you are referring to table #434451748,
at the beginning of your turn you had Smooth with 2 and Squiggly with 1.
Because you played (2up-3down)-2-3 movement cards, you received the risk token that was 2.
Meteo was sunny, so no damage from meteo.
Anyway you were at >7000m, so you suffered -1 from altitude for both climbers, with no tent.

So, playing 3down-3 on Smooth, lowering him to tent, and subtracting the remaining 2 movements from risk token, will have saved him with remaining 2 of life.
With other card, 2, you could have placed a tent for Squizzly too, saving him with 1 of life.
You didn't play any card instead, on move 92: both of your climbers suffered -1 of acclimatation and Squizzly died. Smooth survived with 1.

On move 95, you gave 2 of life to Smooth (now 3), that went up and finished with 2 of life due to altitude reduction -1.
On move 104 you played (2up-3down)-1-3 movement cards and you received the risk token that was 1.
No tent for Smooth, already used, no acclimatation cards to choice. It was possible for you to go down of 6 movements, reaching the tent, and spending the remaining to cancel the risk token, but you opponent strategically blocked your tent with both climbers. You saved y the way nicely Smooth subtracting risk.

Move 119 it's maybe the one you are referring: you started with 3 of life, you played 1 acclimatation, (1up-2down)-2 movement cards.
Meteo was -1 at your altitude and another -1 from the spot you were on.
You could have stopped there, suffering -2 but gaining 1 from card, so 2 of life. But you went up over 8000m and suffered -3 (-2 + -1), with 1 only remaining.
On move 129 the remaining 1 acclimatation card was so useless to save your Smooth, starting with 1 of life, with -1 from meteo and -1 from altitude.

In this game:
- very first mistake, in my opinion, was placing Smooth's tent too low.
- second error, in my opinion, was going up with both climbers when the meteo was -2 everywere. And no giving a tent to Squiggly.
- ok, you had no choice on selecting cards in the turn when Squiggly died: that were the last 3 cards with a 2 risk.
- it's too much difficult to climb without a tent.
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