Add an option "Disable multiple transmute bonus" ?

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Add an option "Disable multiple transmute bonus" ?

Post by Want_You »

No doubt multiple transmute bonus should be allowed by official rule. In former years, BGA rules was buggy. Only the first transmute bonus is effiective so the bonus could be +1 for each element at most. Latter the bug was fixed, then a booming strategy become very strong so than other strageties all drop their win ratio. That's good, but for nostalgia players ( me for example ), will there be an option to enjoy the old buggy version ?

Will it be possible ?
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Re: Add an option "Disable multiple transmute bonus" ?

Post by tiandui »

using three +1 transmute bonus in a single turn is a devastating way of play for the game, since this is a card game and combo between card brings most pleasure.
Now no other stragies can be a compete to the 3-transmute-bonus one, sadly. :(
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Re: Add an option "Disable multiple transmute bonus" ?

Post by FARMER RON »

I doubt they will want to spend time and effort doing this. The main concern for them would be to have the game working exactly as it should following the rules. While it's a very powerful strategy you can still beat it, seasons has a big luck factor to it. I've had some games where my opponent used all three bonus for transmute and still lost.
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Re: Add an option "Disable multiple transmute bonus" ?

Post by Remkar »

Devs/BGA are also not allowed to implement non-official rules/variants.

The publisher would have to agree that it needs changing and either issue official errata changing the rule or officially sanctioning a variant for it to have a chance of being implemented on here (then a dev would have to want to AND have the time to change it).
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Re: Add an option "Disable multiple transmute bonus" ?

Post by Mahoani »

I never played that way. Is this a bug to allow that? Or is it fair?
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