Play boop to help science!

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Re: Play boop to help science!

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ScottBrady wrote: 05 January 2024, 08:27
Ceaseless wrote: 04 January 2024, 06:12
So how does one play this bot Boop? From a glance I see a reference to a zip file though never saw where it was. I probably overlooked something since I'm not familiar with these things.
Just unzip the file and run it from the folder. Requires Java to be installed.
I think I got the system to pull up, but haven't figured out how to pull up a game of Boop or face the computer in something yet. How do you challenge the bot in Boop on there?
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Re: Play boop to help science!

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I'm in
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Re: Play boop to help science!

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Actually, I stopped the experiment one week ago. I have already submitted my paper. I should have the notification of acceptance around mid-March. If it is accepted, I will put a link toward the paper in this thread.
Thanks to all players who participated! And sorry for people who wanted to participate but didn't have the occasion.
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