I need help about the options

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I need help about the options

Post by Hagardunor »


I do not play often this game. I just entered one and I wonder what the selected options mean.

Could someone explain me the following options :
  • Allow redo/restart turn
  • Dicey Tomato Rules
  • Karma Overload
  • Sunny Gold Hybrid
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Re: I need help about the options

Post by Game Slayer99 »

My friend and I just worked on learning this game today. The strategy is quite complex!

Allow redo/restart turn means that you're allowed to change your mind about how to place your dice during your turn. You can "re-do/re-start" as many times as you want until you click 'Confirm'.

I found information about the other setup options by clicking the down arrow and expanding the menus when creating a table.

*Dicey Tomato Rules - Additional points for matching the score value to the score slot number starting with 5 additional points for score slot 1 and decreasing by 1 for each following score slot.
Game end bonus points: 1 for each 2 unused karma, 1 for each 3 red tomatoes still on vines.

*Karma Overload - Karma earned by completing opponent's tomato is equal their score value. 1 karma is earned each time a player gifts 3 dice to opponents. This is being tracked by a Karma bit counter on the player's panel. Maximum Karma is still 6.

*Sunny Gold Hybrid - Additional gold dice used to raise the value of the vine or to counter the effects of the black dice. Same placement rules as for the black dice - cannot be used as seed dice. Can cause overripe - score above 6 are cleared the same way scores below 1 are cleared.

I hope this helps!
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